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The Northampton Past Facebook Group is an active and vibrant online community with more than 11,000 members. The group is open to anyone with an interest in Northampton and it's history.

Northampton Past was started on 25th July 2011 by Frank Baverstock who wanted to share his interest in local history. It has enabled members to share old photographs, learn from each other, ask questions, rekindle old memories and make new friends. The group has amassed a large collection of of photographs and documents which create a fascinating history of our town and it's people. In the past 50 years Northampton has changed almost beyond recognition and there have been some lively, but good natured debates about the exact location of some of the photos. Northampton Past is more than a group, it is a community, our members like to chat, to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and to meet up at coffee mornings and social evenings. There is a warm welcome for everyone at Northampton Past  

The Northampton Past Community Page is the sister page of Northampton Past and brings people together through a laugh, community information and periodic quizzes. In addition the group can be used for posting materials not necessarily related to Northampton. The group and it's quizzes are are hosted by our very own Angels. 

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